Supplier Prospection = 1 to 4 weeks

Analysis of your project and requirements,

Search for suppliers through all our networks,

Selection based on the suppliers prices,

Gathering of all the suppliers documents.


Audit factory,

Verification of certifications,

Review of the suppliers’ online reputation,

Full PDF with all details and documents.


Review the products requirements,

Sample orders from factories,

Control of the quality in our office,

Full PDF report,

Delivery of samples to clients.


Analysis of your project,

Set up with the selected factories,

Development of a testing plan,

Assembly of prototypes in the factory or in our office,


Full PDF report,

Delivery of prototypes to clients.


Sample pick up at the factory,

Review of the products and tests to perform,

Validation of the requirements with the selected laboratory,

Verification of the laboratory’s sample reports,

Delivery of the final report to clients.